Accomplice Phone Sex

By , January 25, 2010

OMG, I have to tell you about the hottest fucking accomplice phone sex call I just had!  First of all, I absolutely LOVE extreme taboo phone sex, and kidnap, rape, torture and even snuff fantasy play are subject matter that all get my cunt juices flowing.

So, this totally sexy and kinky caller told me he wanted an accomplice to help him rape someone in a really nasty, no limits role play.  He asked me to choose a woman I’d like to see brought down low, and taught a lesson in a brutal fantasy rape call.  I thought for a few minutes, and remembered when I had an office job, a number of years back.  There was a woman there who was a total bitch, the kind of bitch who smiles in your face, kisses up to the boss, and then stabs you in the back at every chance. She’s gotten ahead by lying, cheating and stealing other people’s work and ideas, and then passing them off as her own.  Well, when he asked me for a good set up, after just a little thinking, she came to mind.

The thing about her was she always liked to “pretend” she was your best friend, and have drinks after work, chat you up, trying to get information.  So I decided to have a drink with her after work one evening, and I brought a lil something to slip into her drink.  Poor thing, seemed to get so woozy I had to help her to my car, and promised to get her home safe.  Hah, like so many of her promises, this one was about to be broken.

I drove her off to an abandoned field behind an old warehouse where no one would be able to hear her scream, and my boyfriend was waiting with a gang of well hung young black gang bangers we had paid to rape the whore.  They were there with their dogs and we dragged her out of the car just as she was about to come to.  I loved the look of fear and surprise on her face, and when they grabbed her by that long bleached blonde hair and ripped her too short skirt off, she looked at me and pleaded for my help.  I just laughed, and said oh yes, sweetie, I’ll help you!  NOT

My boyfriend’s cock was raging hard and I sucked him as we watched the cunt get just what she had coming.  When the gang bangers were done with her, they let their dogs have at her, even making her lick their dogs’ asses, which by the way she was very good at!  Ass lickin is her special talent it seems, and if she is nice, maybe one day I’ll let her lick mine!

When everyone, dogs and gang bangers alike, was done with her, my boyfriend and I used her for our toilet, and he shot his cum all over her face.  We left her bruised, and all her holes were full of cum, piss and shit.   I promised to fill for her at the very important office staff meeting in the morning, as I don’t think she’s gonna be up to working any time soon.

For your very own accomplice phone sex fantasy, or any other extreme, taboo phone sex role play with no limits, I’m here for you.  I love getting really nasty with you and taking you to the edge, pushing your limits and seeing how nasty we can be together is so fuckin hot.  I can’t wait to play with this hot sexy caller again, and I’m looking forward to playing nasty with you too!

Pamela – 1-877-330-5081

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