Cross Dressing Phone Sex

If you love cross dressing then you know that there are many different ways to enjoy an erotic phone sex fantasy call.  Some guys enjoy a total feminization transformation that goes way beyond just dressing up.  They are looking for a complete experience, where they look, feel and act like a woman – in public or in the privacy of their own homes.  Some of these cross dressing phone sex lovers are real-time sissy boys and some of them aren’t quite ready to come out of the closet so they enjoy sharing their taboo secrets with me through girl-talk conversations.

Some cross dressing phone sex calls are with men who have a very strong fetish for a specific articles of women’s clothes.  Some have a fondness for stockings, pantyhose, shoes, boots and some are panty boys who just love the way a woman’s panties feel when he puts them on.

When you call me, you can explore anything and everything that you love about being a woman.  I can teach you how to be a good cock sucking slut.  I can show you how to indulge a cum eating fetish.  I can roleplay with you or just share pillow talk.  Anything goes and there are no limits to what we can talk about.  The only boundaries I have are the ones that you set.  I will always respect your limits.  Give me a call and let’s talk today.

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Cock Tease Phone Sex

Are you looking for an erotic phone tease?  I enjoy being a cock tease phone sex girl and making your dick hard with my flirty, teasing style while we talk about a naughty fantasy is always awesome and makes our mutual masturbation so hot while we cum together. I’m a perverted kinky girl with no limits for any and all types of erotic phone sex fantasies with you.

I’ve been bored ever since my hubby DR got his promotion and is working later and even some weekends so I’ve started entertaining myself by being the neighborhood cheating wife in the hot cock tease phone sex fantasy DR had for us. I’ve been fucking the men in the block for months now and DR hasn’t caught on at all. I even brought one of the men right through the front door and fucked him in the kitchen while my hubby was in his home office working away. He doesn’t have a clue. Or so I thought. One of the men is his best friend and even though he fucked me several times now, he told DR what was going on from the beginning. He decided to be my hubby’s accomplice in teaching me a lesson. I was leaning over the bed, sucking his dick when DR slipped in. His friend held my face down on his dick while my hubby started spanking me and then fucked me hard from behind. I’m a perverted little wife and rough sex is a big turn on, but they made sure I knew this was punishment sex. Our kinky little roleplay was so hot! If that’s what I get for being a prick teasing cheating wife, why stop? I want more!

The young neighbor next door was the teasing little slut in the fantasy RS had for us. We had a hot roleplay about prom night and how I’d never been asked to the prom but the younger girl next door was going. Even though she was younger, the cheerleaders had already taken her under their wing so to speak, since she was obviously going to make the squad when she was old enough to join. They were all ready to go, outside taking pictures and looked so hot with their dates, and I was in my room, peeking out the window wishing it was me down there getting ready to go to the prom. I’m somewhat of a perverted kinky girl and wishing I was that teasing little slut while I stood in front of the mirror masturbating. My Mom came in, caught me and gave me a really harsh over the knee spanking. This is so humiliating. Left behind on prom night, getting caught playing with my pussy and a hard spanking from Mommy. This is not how I pictured this night at all. hehehe Our dirty teasing fantasy was so fun!

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Fetish Phone Sex

When you think about a phone sex fetish, you probably think of the most kinky things like are really extreme in nature.

A fetish is defined as “an object or bodily part whose real or fantasized presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification….”  This means that virtually any object, body part or thought can become a fetish and can be explored completely when you call an erotic phone sex fetish expert like me.  We can talk about any subject you like…… foot and shoe, feminization, sissification, ABDL, panty play, and more!

Share your most intimate thoughts and feelings in a totally discreet environment with a woman who is experienced, intelligent, compassionate and open minded.  I will never judge you.  Enjoy anything goes fetish phone sex play with no limits, anytime you like!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Underage Phone Sex

Looking for erotic phone sex fantasy girl who will go really young for an underage  role play call?  I’ll be your teasing little accomplice or your little cock tease fuck toy. Age play fantasies are fun and I can’t wait to have some taboo fun with you.

My neighbor MC is so fun to play with and had a hot underage phone sex fantasy for us. I’m such a little cock tease and  go over, start teasing him and when I see that big bulge in his pants, I tell him I have to go and leave him to fend for himself. This time, I teased him and giggled when I started to leave, but he took my hand and forced me stay. He pushed me over the couch, pushed down my little panties and forced his big dick in my little barely teen pussy. I’m going to spend more time over at his house for sure. Fucking him was awesome!

Grandpa JR told me how his dick gets so hard for his teen cock tease Granddaughter in our taboo incest fantasy. She told him she likes it when older men get hard for her and has no idea Grandpa jerks off thinking about her. She shows off her little panties and he just can’t get enough. We had a hot incest role play and I helped to get her to suck his big dick. I’m always ready to be a naughty little accomplice for all our taboo age play fantasies!

I had so much fun with needle dick DK and shopping for panties for him. We found the tiniest, super mini panties that will probably still be too big to cover his pretty much non-existent dick. He gets so excited with our humiliation playtime and picking out panties with needle dick was really fun and then we picked out some frilly prom dresses that would be perfect for him. Panties and prom dresses. What else does a submissive needle dick need? LOL

I’ll be your dirty teasing Princess for all your taboo fantasies with no limits at all for everything we do. Check out my underage phone sex private site for more of my naughty sexcapades and pop over to our store for my naughty nude pics. My cheerleader and bubble bath pics are on sale on my store page now. Happy shopping and call me for all your hot fantasies too.

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Feminization Phone Sex

I have a lot of callers who request erotic phone sex fantasies, but not everybody is looking for feminization, sissy or crossdressing play.  Because I’m an “anything goes” girl means that we don’t have to stick with just those subjects, we can talk about anything you like.

Feminization phone sex is something that I specialize in and I love hearing fantasies as well as sharing real life experiences from guys who are living as “women” undercover.

I enjoy exploring lots of other taboo phone sex fantasy scenarios that go well beyond feminization phone sex.  Some of my favorites are fetish play, cuckold training, tease and denial sessions and sometimes mutual or guided masturbation.  Of course, there are no limits so if you’re into something more extreme or taboo, I can get right into your fantasy and play hardcore as well.  I can be a sweet and innocent girl or I can turn into a dirty talker in the blink of an eye.  Call me and tell me who you want me to be today!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Taboo Phone Sex

What’s your favorite kind of taboo phone sex fantasy? A hot imagination turns me on. We can do any fantasy and roleplay you want so get that naughty imagination working or let me come up with something naughty for us to do on our kinky, erotic, taboo phone sex call.

Role play is always fun with RS and he had two hot ones for us. First, I was his ex-wife and called to tell him I was engaged. I think about his High School crush “L” as much as he does. She’s got this amazing, successful hubby, adorable children, the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen, and all I think about is how I wish I was more like her. I wish I could have her fairytale wedding, her sophisticated, sensual looks and hell, a life like hers. I was thinking about her and when I got in bed with my fiance, I whispered in his ear to call me “L” while he fucked me. It was a hot fantasy that RS thought of and it’s so hot and kinky the way he gets off on the humiliation we go through in our roleplays.

Later, our second fantasy was at the office. L was an intern at the office we worked at and close to the end of the day she would go to the break room barefoot and spend way more time there than anyone else is allowed to. On the way home I told my hubby RS that I couldn’t believe how she gets away with everything she does, but then again, if I was a guy I’d let her do anything she wanted too. RS has quite a foot fetish and I do too. He came up with an idea for me to get her expensive sandals when she goes on break and bring them to him to jerk off with. I did it and half watched to make sure she didn’t come out of the break room and half watched him sniff and jerk off with her expensive sandals. Can you imagine the humiliation he’d go through if she found out about his foot fetish and jerking off with her shoes? It would be hilarious!

I want to be the girl you tell your favorite fetish and fantasy to and want to hear about all of them while we masturbate together. We’ll have so much fun! Call me.

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The banner on the right side of the page takes you to our new store. My cheerleader and bubble bath nude photos are available there for you now. Happy shopping!

Dylan – 1-877-742-8124