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Some people think incest phone sex is so taboo and naughty, but for me, I think it’s HOT! When you grow up with five big brothers, incest is definitely on the menu. I always enjoyed playing with my big brothers which is why I enjoy incest fantasies so much. We can trade incest stories, role play a naughty incest fantasy or turn your favorite fetish into an incest call if you like. I think taboo phone sex with someone who has incest experience and enjoys it is always more fun.  
In my holiday role play phone sex play with DS, my little sister and I were dressed up in holiday silky ribbons we slid between our legs, wrapped around our tummies and tied in a pretty bow just above our tits. He fucked our feet and we sucked his big dick, then he popped her cherry so she had her very first fuck with him. He shot a big load of cum all over her feet too and then watched us lick it up and share it with each other too.
Family Fun Phone Sex is awesome. Sharing our hot incest experience while we masturbate together is so naughty and fun. When NL told me about the games he played with his older and younger sister, it made me so fucking hot. Then we did a role play where I was his younger sister and he charged his friends to let them watch him fuck me. That was an awesome role play.
Daddy Phone Sex with Daddy TK was really hot too. We did a progressive fantasy where Daddy told me about all the things we’ve done through the years to train me to be his cock sucker. Then how he got me ready to have my cherry popped and be Daddy’s fuck slut. That was really awesome.
Incest, incest stories, family fun, Daddy’s girl, sisters, Mommy, any incest fantasy and role play you can think of, we can do. All you have to do is call your dirty teasing incest princess and cum with me.
Happy Holidays everyone!!! ~hugs~

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