Age Play Phone Sex


If you’ve seen any of my pages or blogs you know I’m totally into Age Play Phone Sex just as much as you are. I just can’t get enough! It’s so naughty and taboo and totally turns me on. You should play with me and see.

Daddy MK is so hot and always has an awesome extreme underage pussy pounding Daddy Phone Sex fantasy for us and this one was as hot as ever. First he took me to ChuckECheese to play some games. Daddy MK and my idea of games is having Daddy take me into the men’s room so I can suck lots of big dick for Daddy. Then he took me to his favorite XXX Store and turned me into his little porn star by having me suck lots of big dick there and have all my tiny little extremely young holes fucked while he filmed it too. Those dicks were really big and no matter how much it hurt when they stretched my little pussy, I begged for more to make Daddy MK cum hard for me.

After all those men at the XXX Store forced their big dicks into my little pussy, TL had a hot Forced Phone Sex fantasy for us that was really hot too. I was his girlfriend in our fantasy and kidnapped a hot young girl who ran away from home for us to play with. I showed her what happens to run away girls and used her as my toilet while TL fucked her. I made her eat and drink everything that came out of me while TL popped her cherry and fucked her hard. We do like those run away’s, don’t we?  hehehe

Tell me all your underage, incest, forced and all your hot fantasies. I’m an anything goes kind of girl and can’t wait to see what naughty fun you have in mind for us to do. Call me.

Dylan   1-877-742-8124

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