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Taboo Phone Sex

I’m always ready for some taboo phone sex bathroom toilet play. AG is my nasty toilet slave submissive and I have such a good time using and degrading him. He’ll do anything to please his Princess, that would be me. He worships me, yells out his window so everyone knows he serves his dirty, teasing Princess and my little dirty submissive AG will do anything I want him to do in our humiliation playtime. It’s so fun!

RS had a very naughty taboo phone sex fantasy that was really fun. We continued our last fantasy, which was so hot, and this time I couldn’t wait for my hubby RS to go to work. I had plans to go back to his High School crush’s house and get another look at that gorgeous horse she has. I was hoping to see her too. I’ve developed quite a little crush on her too. She came outside in a little white bikini to lay out by her pool. I could see her horse too and it looked like it was watching her just like my hubby did. I just kept thinking that if that horse was a guy he would have fucked her right then. Seeing the way he reacts to her was incredible and such a turn on. I’m not sure if I’ll tell RS what I did today or not, but I can’t wait to go back and see more.

I told JF a hot incest story about a girl “Christine” who went in to her parents to ask about sex. She was an older preteen in our underage fantasy and wanted to talk to her Mommy and Daddy about sex. Christine said they always promised to help her with anything she needed help with, and she wanted to learn everything there is to know about sex. She started out cuddling, kissing and playing with her Mom’s tits and then she taught Christine how to lick her pussy. Then she sucked her Dad’s big dick with her Mom until he came for them. She got Daddy hard again so he could pop her cherry and fuck her. I told him how they all had some golden showers fun and how getting nasty with a hot incest threesome was amazing. Incest and underage fantasies are always incredibly fun!

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No Limits Phone Sex

Are you ready for a naughty, dirty, hot, no limits phone sex fantasy? I’m here for all your fantasy fun with no limits at all on everything we do. Tell me your darkest, naughtiest, nastiest fantasy and have some fun with me.
I told DS I wanted to be a preteen girlfriend to an older man in our underage no limits phone sex fantasy and he decided to teach me a lesson about trying to take advantage of men. He took me to his place and told me girlfriends do everything their boyfriend does without question and when I asked him why, he punched me in the face and then in my stomach. He beat me and then fucked all my little virgin holes for being so stupid. He made me beg him to rape me with his big dick and then put a plastic bag over my head while he raped me for the ultimate lesson a wannabe preteen girlfriend slut needs. Did he take the bag off just in time or leave it there? I can’t wait to find out the next time we talk.
I took AG outside to show everyone what a nasty toilet slave he is for me in our no limits bathroom fantasy. I made him squat down and shit like a dog in front of his neighbors and clean up his mess too. Humiliating him and using him as my toilet are the best things that ever happened to my little shit head loser. I let the little girls use my AG toilet slave too and let them laugh at him and call him a shit eating pig just because it makes our bathroom no limits phone sex fantasy all the more fun.
I told Daddy CL how all the boys at school kept me in class for a huge gang bang in our no limits playtime. I sucked and fucked them all, sometimes three at a time with all my little young teen holes filled with their hot creamy cum. The teachers all heard about it and it’s their turn tomorrow. Daddy CL likes it when I have my young teen holes filled with gang bang cum. I do too!
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Submissive Phone Sex


Submissive phone sex is always hot and satisfying with a dirty little toilet slut and I can’t get enough ass worship from my little subby slut AG. He’s a little toilet slave that will do anything I say just to be able to sniff, lick and feed from my hot little ass. He’ll be my toilet in public and even be a toilet slave for the little girls in the neighborhood if I let him lick my sweaty arm pits, feet and dirty ass. He was born to serve me. Isn’t that so hot?

Daddy RM is a submissive that likes to worship my little ass and Mommy’s too in our submissive phone sex fantasy. I like to bend over with my head on my knees, ass up in the air for Daddy RM to sniff and lick while I reach through my legs and finger his ass. He likes sniffing Mommy’s ass and mine both while he strokes his dick and then I let him fuck my tight little ass too in our incest underage daughter – submissive Daddy fantasy and Daddy sounds so hot when he fills my little ass up with his cum too!

I taught my little sister how to clean my dirty ass and I cleaned hers too so Daddy RL could butt fuck us. We’re dirty little toilet slave submissives for Daddy and want to make sure we have nice clean asses for Daddy to fuck and fill with cum in our underage incest fantasy. We’re naughty little shit eating sluts for Daddy and will do anything to make Daddy feel good and cum.

FN is a subby cum slut and the reason I threw a big block party. I had everyone come in and see my little submissive slut in pretty pink panties sucking everyones dick, licking up all those cream pies and flat out guzzling down all the cum pumped into him. He sucked everyones dick in the neighborhood. The men, young boys, old men and dogs too. He’ll drain the balls on everything with a dick to suck cum out of. He’s so fucking fun!

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Toilet Slave Phone Sex

AG is my Toilet Slave Phone Sex slut and did an amazing job showing his devotion to me and all the delicious juices that flow out of me too. I used him as my toilet, kleenex, arm pit sweat cleaner and more. He’s such a nasty, worthless slut and begs to be my washcloth, tissue and toilet. Feeding him is so fun!

Daddy RL wanted to fuck my little ass in our Anal Phone Sex fantasy but I had to clean it out for Daddy first. I made fingered my dirty ass, licked my fingers and shoved them back in for more to make sure I was nice and clean for Daddy’s big dick. Daddy RL always makes our Incest Phone Sex fun, hot and nasty. It’s awesome!

I’ve got an ass made for fucking and can’t wait for all the nasty, dirty toilet fantasies and more you have for us. Be my potty mouth or make me your bathroom bitch. I’m your anything goes and no limits dirty teasing Princess!

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Submissive Phone Sex

I get so turned on with Submissive Phone Sex play and SW made me so fucking hot. It was unbelievable. He’s a little dick loser and his wife won’t let him fuck her. Ever. He even paid for her friends to go with them on their honeymoon. She also never lets him cum and he gets punished when he has wet dreams too. The only thing he’s good for is to be used as a toilet. I told him about a potty chair he needs to make to make it more comfortable for her and her friends to use him. I can’t wait to hear how that goes too.

I’m so lucky to be a toilet slut for GC and KG. I have such a good time with all our Toilet Slave Fantasies and all our Phone Sex fun. Feed me anytime!

Be my submissive slut or take control and put me on my knees to you. I have no limits at all for all our submissive toilet play. Try me.

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Humiliation Phone Sex

AR has a tiny dick and laughing at him in our Humiliation Phone Sex playtime is one of the most funnest things to do. Yes, I said funnest because fun just doesn’t cover it. He has a little tiny dick that is so small he can’t even stand up to pee. Plus, this is hilarious, every time he tries to pee like a real man does, he just wets himself. It’s ok though because he likes it. Especially when he has a little “accident” (more like accident on purpose) at work and one of the pretty secretaries notices the big wet spot on his pants. He about blows his load when he has to tell them he needs to run home for “something” knowing they know that something is a change of clothes. I swear this loser needs to wear diapers to work. Especially when he calls me from the office and begs me to laugh at his uncontrolled little pee in his pants pecker. LOL Golden Shower Phone Sex with AR is just so fun.

AG is a pee, shit, spit and cum slut. If it comes out of me, he wants it. He begs me to laugh at him while he shouts out his door to the neighbors about what a toilet slave he is for me. Humiliating him, cussing him out, making him pee on himself, play with his ass and shitty fingers is totally entertaining and I am so ready to humiliate my toilet boy like he wants in every way so he’ll serve me more and more.

I was more than ready for some bathroom fun with GC and had been waiting so long to poopy for him I thought I’d make a dirty mess in my panties. I think he’d like that though so next time I think I’ll have a pair of pretty pink panties to make a poopy mess in for him. I’m always ready for dirty phone sex Toilet Slave Fantasies or we can take it to the bathroom and share some naughty, nasty, dirty fun together too. Either way, I’m always ready for toilet play.

I have no limits at all for lil dick and every kind of humiliation and bathroom play you want. Get nasty with your dirty teasing Princess.

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