Cock Tease Phone Sex

Cock tease phone sex is one of my favorites because it can be part of every fantasy and role play we do together. Plus, it’s fun to be a dirty teasing Princess for you. I’m an anything goes kind of girl and will be teasing the cum out of your dick no matter what role play we do. Are you ready to have some naughty fun with me?

I was the preteen Princess in the hot age play and cock tease phone sex fantasy MC had for us. I was in the front yard and he was watching me, getting hot, horny and hard for me until he couldn’t take it anymore and came over. My parents were out in the back yard so we went into the laundry room for some fun so we’d know if they were coming in. I certainly didn’t want to get caught sucking his big dick and fucking him because they’d make him stop and leave. They’re not taking that big dick away from me. I sucked him for a bit then he fucked me from behind and it was awesome! I’ll be your fuck toy anytime!

It was so fun telling PB about my pretty pink pussy in our age play and humiliation fantasy. He’s such a sissy and deserves the tiny dick humiliation he gets from everyone. I laughed at his little tiny dick and called him a perverted pedo loser and that made him stroke his pathetic little nub even faster. It was hilarious! When he says he thinks I’d like getting fucked by his little dick, first, how could he? My thumb’s bigger than his dick, and second, there’s no way I’d let a sissy pedo loser fuck me. Our perverted little humiliation fantasy was so fun! Especially when I’m taunting you with my pretty little pussy that you can’t have. LOL

MC brought a book by his daughter borrowed in our age play fantasy. I invited him in and teased and talked him into kissing me and it didn’t take long before I was sucking his dick too. He licked my little hairy pussy and made me feel so good and then fucked me too. I had so much fun being his dirty, teasing Princess!

I had so much fun with GF tonight with a dick teasing underage fantasy. I caught him jerking off and all of the sudden our little neighbor walked in. I know how much he wants her and told her what to do to drive him crazy for her while I called a couple friends to come over. I told GF if he wants our little preteen neighbor, he has to prove how much he wants her by sucking the big dicks my two friends have. He did a good job so I tied her hands behind her, helped her ride his dick and sit on his face, then told him to rape her little pussy while I stroked and sucked my friends. It was awesome!

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Underage Phone Sex

I had an awesome underage phone sex incest fantasy with Mommy Stefanie and Daddy JM. They have the best marriage and Mommy said now that I’m a young teen, it’s time I learned the secrets of keeping a hubby happy. She dressed me up in a pretty nightie like hers and took me down the hall to her bedroom. Daddy JM was sitting on the bed, naked. She told me it’s very important for a woman to take care of her hubby in public, but in the bedroom, she needs to take control. She was so sensual when she moved around him, touched his face, and slid out of her nightie. Then she did something that surprised me. She put her nightie on Daddy. I had no idea he was such a sissy and she told me a sensual woman knows what her man needs and they need to feel sexy like we do. She taught me all about feminization, sissy men, and we had an amazing incest two girl fantasy with JM.  

I’ll be any age you want in our underage phone sex fantasy, and make it extra sexy with a two girl threesome with Mommy Stefanie and me. We’ll do any role play you want so we can all cum together.

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Taboo Phone Sex

Tell me all your taboo phone sex fantasies and count me in on the hot, naughty fun! There are so many kinky fantasies we can do and I’m an anything goes girl with no limits at all on every fantasy and roleplay we do. I can’t wait to be your dirty teasing Princess in all your taboo phone sex fantasies!

My hubby RS got us in debt so deep it brought us to that major step of absolute humiliation. Moving in with his parents. His parents have perfected the art of humiliation and I seem to be their main target. All I hear about is how successful their daughter is and how it’s so sad I’ve lost everything and living off their generosity. In spite of that, I was so hot one night I woke up RS and told him I was really horny. One of our biggest problems is that he’s addicted to porn so I convinced him to get up, I’d borrow his Mom’s credit card and we can go to one of our favorite sites to help things along. Of course he got carried away and maxed out her card. I was hoping they wouldn’t notice for awhile so we could come up with a good story, but first thing in the morning they came in our room screaming at us. His Dad yanked him out of bed, pulled his shorts down and started spanking him. I threw him under the bus and told them it was all his fault and couldn’t believe he was getting hard from the spanking he was getting. Our incest humiliation fantasy was so fun!

Daddy JF and Mommy found out I’ve been showing boys my panties behind the school at lunch time and decided to teach me a lesson when they punished me in our incest and age play fantasy. Mommy pulled my school girl uniform off while Daddy JF stripped and then she held me down and told him to rape all my tight little virgin holes. He said this is what the boys want to do and if I’m going to show off my panties, he’s going to be the one to pop my cherry and ass cherry too. After he fucked all my holes, he laid down, put me on all fours and forced me to suck his dick while Mommy raped me with her strap on and then used me as her toilet while she peed all over my face. Our incest and age play fantasy was fucking awesome!

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Erotic Phone Sex

If you have an erotic phone sex fantasy in mind, count me in. I enjoy being a sensual cock tease and can’t wait to be your dirty, teasing Princess.

RS had an awesome erotic phone sex roleplay for us about “W,” the ex-intern from work that married one of the sponsor’s top executives. Everyone was hot for her and I wish I was her. There was a big company picnic that RS was in charge of and I couldn’t wait to get there and see W. She’s so far out of my league to even be my friend, but she’s always nice to me and makes me feel like she is my friend. I was so excited to find out she was pregnant with number two and offered to take her to RS’s office where she could cool off a big and relax. I held her hand while I walked her to the offices and told her to lay down on the couch when we got there. I knelt down and took her sandals off and rubbed her feet a bit. I have a kinky little foot fetish when it comes to W’s feet and was getting so hot being able to give her a sensual foot rub. I couldn’t resist and slipped her toe into my mouth and was so hot when she giggled and called me a naughty bitch in that sensuous purring voice. Our sensual roleplay with a kinky pregnant and foot fetish twist was amazing.

There are so many sensual roleplays and fantasies we can do and I can’t wait to play out all your sexy fantasies and fetishes with you!

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Incest Phone Sex

Daddy MK had an awesome incest phone sex fantasy for us. I was his little underage fantasy Princess and had sucked off all the teachers at school in our fantasy. I told him what I did in school and he was so proud of me! He invited twelve men with big black cocks over for a party for me. I told Daddy MK I was going to call them names and make them mad so they’d fuck me really hard. It was so hot!

My big brother TM had a hot incest phone sex underage role play for us. I was his preteen Princess and he was my knight with a really big dick. The castle was in danger and the only way to save it was to ride his big dick until he filled me with the magic cream that would give me the power to save everyone in our totally awesome roleplay. It’s so fun when our fantasies are about knights and pirates and things like that. Fucking my knight was fanfuckingtastic!

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Cock Tease Phone Sex

I want to be the cock tease phone sex girl that turns you on and makes you feel so good with all your fantasies. Have a little fun for St. Pat’s Day with me and tell me your favorite fantasies. We can do any fantasy you want with no limits at all. I want to be the naughty girl who teases all the cum out of your balls.

Being a naughty niece in the incest fantasy Uncle DC had for us made me cum so hard with him. He didn’t live far from campus so I talked to him about moving in to save money while I was in school. I told him I’d keep his apartment clean and do all the cooking for him. There was only one thing he wanted though. My ass. The housekeeper can do all the work, all I had to do was be ready when he wanted to fuck my ass. My round little butt’s made for anal sex so I was more than happy to move in for some incest cock and ass worship. He has a really big dick and pounds my ass so good! I’m starting to think college isn’t as fun as Uncle DC and that big dick he has for me. Maybe I should just be his cock tease phone sex anal slut full time. hehehe

My big brother EG is my incest anal sex strap on slut. It’s so cute when he comes to my bedroom door in his pretty panties, pulls them over to the side and says, “Miss Sissy, brother wants your strap on so bad!” Then he does his little fuck me butt wiggle and who can resist that? Ramming my big strap on into him is so hot when he’s moaning like a girl and begging for me to fuck him deeper, harder and give him more. He’s so hot and fun that I could just fuck him all day.

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