Forced Cum Eating

Lots of guys are turned on by being put into a forced cum eating situation. When I first started taking phone sex calls, way back when, I was actually surprised by the number of men who said they’d love to eat their own cum, but by the time they actually DO cum, they are turned off by the thought.

Now we all know that alcohol makes you brave right? Well that’s why I decided to try a little forced intoxication phone sex training with my wannabe cum eating phone sex¬†sluts. Being forced to drink while we talk about all of the dirty things I want to do to them get’s them so horny that they will do just about anything I ask them to do. Since cum eating is a subject that turns them on when they are sober, imagine how much more powerful their fetish gets when they are buzzing.

When you need a little push to talk about a fantasy or fetish that you have, maybe a little bravery in a bottle will help you too.¬† Line ’em up and get ready to pound ’em down for me!

Call me for all of your forced fantasy phone sex fantasies today!

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