Feminization Phone Sex for Panty Fetish Lovers

feminization phone sex fantasies for panty fetish lovers

If you are into erotic phone sex and fetish fantasies like me?  If so, then read on because I just have to tell you about really sexy pair of panties I recently found that any feminization phone sex panty boy would love!  These are really stretchy and can fit two people in them at one time.  Can you imagine sliding into a sexy pair of panties with me?  Imagine that those panties clung to us so tightly that when we are facing each other and your cock is buried deep inside of me, you can barely move and just the little wiggle of our hips rubbing against each other is enough to send shivers up and down your spine.

Now let’s take this panty fetish and feminization phone sex call even further…  Slip into those panties with me, but this time I want your back to me.  Let me use my strap on dildo to give you even more pleasure than you could ever imagine.  Those panties will be clinging to your cock as I bury that dildo in your cute little man-pussy.  I want to feel you quiver.  I’ll bring you right to the edge of bliss before pulling out that dildo, letting you catch your breath and then I’ll push it right back in again.  This will be a tease and denial phone sex call that you won’t ever want to end.  I’ll show you what orgasm control is all about.

If you want to double your feminization phone sex pleasure, ask me to connect you with one of my very favorite taboo phone sex playmates for a two girl call that will blow your mind!  Get your favorite panties out, along with your favorite anal sex toy / dildo and call me soon!

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Fetish Phone Sex

Are you ready to expose all of your fetishes and sexual secrets during an erotic phone sex fantasy call with me?  I mean the really deep dark secrets that you wouldn’t dare tell anybody else.  I’m a no holds barred girl which means that anything goes so no matter how dirty, perverted or embarrassing your fetish might be, we can talk about it together in the most discreet, one on one, adult environment.

Fetish phone sex calls are a great way to let loose and enjoy your “addiction” completely by exploring it, in depth, with somebody who understands you and won’t judge you in any way.

Some of the more common fetish requests that I hear involve foot or shoe fetishes or medical fetishes, even stockings or panty fetishes.  Even though those are some of the most common, there are so many other’s that are more unusual, but definitely not too far “out there” to explore.  Sometimes I’m intrigued by a very unique fetish, but I’m always ready to learn about it, discuss it and even enhance it with you.

So why not pick up the phone and call me and tell me your personal favorite phone sex fetish.  I’d love to hear all about it!

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Sissy Phone Sex

I had to remind a certain phone sex sissy tonight that he wasn’t deserving of a tight, wet pussy.  He found a picture of a gorgeous woman with a perfect bikini body on the internet and he sent it to me with a note saying that he’d like to lick this and fuck this.  I just laughed!  The next two pictures he sent me were of him, in a pair of sheer panties with lace trim.  I loved seeing the panty boy all decked out for his call with me.

During our erotic phone sex call, he talked about how hot the woman in the picture was and what he’d like to do to her and I quickly interrupted and said….. “um, do you really think she’d want a phone sex sissy fucking her?”  I said “a woman like that wants a real man, honey”.   I could hear the humiliation in his voice as he agreed and he said maybe what he really needed was my strap on dildo.  Now that was more like it.  He said he’d like to suck it while he had a vibrating butt plug in his ass.  The plug was a perfect way to warm him up and stretch him out before I filled him from behind.

It’s always fun playing with a phone sex sissy boy and indulging all of his feminization, cross dressing and panty fetish pleasures.  Making him cum really hard tonight was exhilarating.  Call me and let me make all of your phone sex fantasies come true too!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Cross Dressing Phone Sex

If you love cross dressing then you know that there are many different ways to enjoy an erotic phone sex fantasy call.  Some guys enjoy a total feminization transformation that goes way beyond just dressing up.  They are looking for a complete experience, where they look, feel and act like a woman – in public or in the privacy of their own homes.  Some of these cross dressing phone sex lovers are real-time sissy boys and some of them aren’t quite ready to come out of the closet so they enjoy sharing their taboo secrets with me through girl-talk conversations.

Some cross dressing phone sex calls are with men who have a very strong fetish for a specific articles of women’s clothes.  Some have a fondness for stockings, pantyhose, shoes, boots and some are panty boys who just love the way a woman’s panties feel when he puts them on.

When you call me, you can explore anything and everything that you love about being a woman.  I can teach you how to be a good cock sucking slut.  I can show you how to indulge a cum eating fetish.  I can roleplay with you or just share pillow talk.  Anything goes and there are no limits to what we can talk about.  The only boundaries I have are the ones that you set.  I will always respect your limits.  Give me a call and let’s talk today.

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Fetish Phone Sex

When you think about a phone sex fetish, you probably think of the most kinky things like are really extreme in nature.

A fetish is defined as “an object or bodily part whose real or fantasized presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification….”  This means that virtually any object, body part or thought can become a fetish and can be explored completely when you call an erotic phone sex fetish expert like me.  We can talk about any subject you like…… foot and shoe, feminization, sissification, ABDL, panty play, and more!

Share your most intimate thoughts and feelings in a totally discreet environment with a woman who is experienced, intelligent, compassionate and open minded.  I will never judge you.  Enjoy anything goes fetish phone sex play with no limits, anytime you like!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Feminization Phone Sex

I have a lot of callers who request erotic phone sex fantasies, but not everybody is looking for feminization, sissy or crossdressing play.  Because I’m an “anything goes” girl means that we don’t have to stick with just those subjects, we can talk about anything you like.

Feminization phone sex is something that I specialize in and I love hearing fantasies as well as sharing real life experiences from guys who are living as “women” undercover.

I enjoy exploring lots of other taboo phone sex fantasy scenarios that go well beyond feminization phone sex.  Some of my favorites are fetish play, cuckold training, tease and denial sessions and sometimes mutual or guided masturbation.  Of course, there are no limits so if you’re into something more extreme or taboo, I can get right into your fantasy and play hardcore as well.  I can be a sweet and innocent girl or I can turn into a dirty talker in the blink of an eye.  Call me and tell me who you want me to be today!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631