Feminization Phone Sex for Panty Fetish Lovers

feminization phone sex fantasies for panty fetish lovers

If you are into erotic phone sex and fetish fantasies like me?  If so, then read on because I just have to tell you about really sexy pair of panties I recently found that any feminization phone sex panty boy would love!  These are really stretchy and can fit two people in them at one time.  Can you imagine sliding into a sexy pair of panties with me?  Imagine that those panties clung to us so tightly that when we are facing each other and your cock is buried deep inside of me, you can barely move and just the little wiggle of our hips rubbing against each other is enough to send shivers up and down your spine.

Now let’s take this panty fetish and feminization phone sex call even further…  Slip into those panties with me, but this time I want your back to me.  Let me use my strap on dildo to give you even more pleasure than you could ever imagine.  Those panties will be clinging to your cock as I bury that dildo in your cute little man-pussy.  I want to feel you quiver.  I’ll bring you right to the edge of bliss before pulling out that dildo, letting you catch your breath and then I’ll push it right back in again.  This will be a tease and denial phone sex call that you won’t ever want to end.  I’ll show you what orgasm control is all about.

If you want to double your feminization phone sex pleasure, ask me to connect you with one of my very favorite taboo phone sex playmates for a two girl call that will blow your mind!  Get your favorite panties out, along with your favorite anal sex toy / dildo and call me soon!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Incest Phone Sex and Family Fun Roleplays

incest phone sex with family fun expert danni

Incest phone sex has never been hotter.  If you are looking to experience a quality role play with a woman who means it when she says anything goes, then we are sure to have a super fun time if you are ready to spill all the taboo thoughts swimming around in your head to me.  I love family fun phone sex fantasies because I enjoy not only spreading the love around the dinner table, but in the bedroom too. With it comes to incest phone sex fantasies and family fun, there are no shortages of role play scenario ideas floating around in my dirty little head. So many to choose from and so many chances to pull your pants down and suck your cock no matter who you are in our fantasy. So many opportunities to fuck Daddy or Brother. Maybe we could even do a two girl call and bring Mommy or Sister in on the action, too!

What is your incest phone sex craving today? Do you have a special go-to fantasy that always gets your rocks off hard and you need a partner in crime to join you? I am always interested in knowing exactly what it is you want, because then our erotic phone sex fantasy call can be that much more satisfying for us both.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Age Play Phone Sex With Daddy: Big Black Cock Orgy

age play phone sex with daddy

If you have an incest phone sex role play or fantasy you can’t wait to talk about and cum to, I’m here for you and ready! I’ve had lots of naughty, taboo family fun this weekend and never get enough. There’s absolutely no limits with our age play phone sex fantasies and being your young daughter, sister, niece and any other family member you want me to be always turns me on.

I had a very hot and erotic phone sex call with a caller that included not only age play phone sex with Daddy, but an orgy too!  For this incest phone sex fantasy with Daddy, I was his extremely young preteen and I fucked two dozen big black cock all for Daddy!  My teacher recognized me from a little orgy porn I made and I went up to his desk and whispered that he can fuck me too if he wants. He came home with me and brought 23 of his friends who all have a big black cock for me. There’s one rule with my gang bang fucking, if I say stop, there’s no more fucking, no movies, nothing. To make sure that didn’t happen, I told all the men to make sure they fucked all my little holes and especially kept a big black cock deep down my throat so I didn’t say anything. I don’t want to miss out on one minute of BBC gang bangs for Daddy!

In another age play phone sex call, Daddy was waiting for me to return home from my date.  He couldn’t wait for me to tell him all about how I sucked my boyfriend’s cock at the park and then fucked him in the car right in our driveway. That made him so hot we went right to my room and I sucked his dick until he was rock hard for me, then fucked him hard until he pumped his cum into my already cum filled pussy. It’s so fun coming home and telling Daddy about my dates so I can suck his big dick and fuck him too!

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Fetish Phone Sex

Are you ready to expose all of your fetishes and sexual secrets during an erotic phone sex fantasy call with me?  I mean the really deep dark secrets that you wouldn’t dare tell anybody else.  I’m a no holds barred girl which means that anything goes so no matter how dirty, perverted or embarrassing your fetish might be, we can talk about it together in the most discreet, one on one, adult environment.

Fetish phone sex calls are a great way to let loose and enjoy your “addiction” completely by exploring it, in depth, with somebody who understands you and won’t judge you in any way.

Some of the more common fetish requests that I hear involve foot or shoe fetishes or medical fetishes, even stockings or panty fetishes.  Even though those are some of the most common, there are so many other’s that are more unusual, but definitely not too far “out there” to explore.  Sometimes I’m intrigued by a very unique fetish, but I’m always ready to learn about it, discuss it and even enhance it with you.

So why not pick up the phone and call me and tell me your personal favorite phone sex fetish.  I’d love to hear all about it!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Taboo Phone Sex

I love my taboo phone sex play time when I get to be a special angel for my Daddy and please him in all the ways he teaches me how. I have no limits with him because I know how to be a good little fuck slut whore just for him. I love his cock inside of my tight little butthole and how he slaps my ass until it’s all red and sore and I can barely sit down. He doesn’t stop there though, because he likes to make my butthole hurt with his big fat dick. I take it like a good girl should.

Daddy is such a perverted nasty and kinky man. I love having taboo phone sex with him because he makes me squirt all over. I make such a big mess for him and then he makes me clean it up. What are your fantasies? Do you want me to make a big mess on your dick too?

Dial me for your own taboo phone sex call today and let’s get off hard together!

Danni – 1-888-529-6520

Erotic Phone Sex

Erotic phone sex is so sexy and being Daddy MG’s sensual Princess is so hot. Daddy likes to brush my long hair while I suck his big dick and likes it best when I ride his cock and let my hair fall in his face. He says it makes him feel like he’s fucking Princess Rapunzel and we’re making our own fairy tale in our sensual playtime. Our underage Princess fantasies are awesome!

DG is my little sissy boy with a big panty fetish. In our erotic phone sex fantasy, he likes to listen in when I talk to friends and tell them what a good panty boy he is. I told her about the parties I’ve sent him to and how good he is at serving everyone, how sensual he looks in his panties and also about the naughty times when I have to give him spankings. We even talked about making him an internet star by making videos of him in restraints made from panties. Wouldn’t that be fun? Even when I give him spankings when my friends are listening in on the phone, we still have a very sensual time together. He was acting like a baby so I dressed him up like one and our adult baby play was very sensuous. We have so much fun with our taboo panty boy playtime and I’m always ready to dress my sexy subby up and play anytime.

We can make any taboo fantasy sensuous with a sexy role play and I can’t wait to be your dirty, teasing Princess in all of your hot fantasies.

Check out my private erotic phone sex site for more of my naughty, sensuous and taboo fantasies and my nude photo sets are available for you too at our store. My cheerleader and bubble bath photo sets are available now.

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