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Feminization Phone Sex

One of my favorite things about feminization phone sex is sharing real experiences with a man.  Just the other day I spoke with a panty boy who was all dressed up for me.  He was wearing a sexy mint green colored thong with black thigh high stockings and he was standing in front of a full length mirror admiring his look.  I loved hearing him describe his outfit to me and I asked him get into all kinds of sensual positions so that he could see himself looking his sissy best.

The call got even hotter when I asked him to go get some of his favorite sex toys to play with.  He grabbed a couple of dildos and I grabbed my strap on so I could give him a totally authentic feminization phone sex fuck!  You should have heard him moaning on his dildo as he slid it in and out of his mouth.  He also had a vibrating butt plug that he slid deep inside his man-pussy and when he came, it was totally intense.  I know he’s a little cum eating slut too, so of course I made him take off his dripping wet panties and put them into his mouth so he could lick them clean.  Isn’t that hot?

If you love feminization phone sex as much as this little sissy faggot does, then call me and I’ll create a unique fetish call personalized just for you!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Roleplay Phone Sex

I had a hot roleplay phone sex fantasy with RS about his High School crush and teen kegger party. She was so flirty with him and invited him so he’d pick up a keg for the party, teased him about changing for the party when he first got there and then didn’t give him the time of day the rest of the night. He sees me and we hang out together and I comment about how “L” is so lucky because her boyfriend is huge and how everyone would like to have a guy like him with a big dick like that. I can tell he’s got a big crush on her and took him to the bathroom and told him to jack it for me with some hot guided masturbation play. Our kinky fantasies about his crush are always so hot!

Later, I was his wife and so upset because RS and I didn’t make enough to cover our bills, especially with all the things we’ve been doing for entertainment. I insisted he call his Mom and ask her for help, but he just went back to bed. I called her and made arrangements to go over to her house.  I begged her for help that turned into a totally humiliating kinky incest fantasy. She told me you don’t get something for nothing and that I was going to be her baby girl so she could change my diapers and teach me how to lick her pussy. It was so fun!

NS had a kinky guided masturbation roleplay fantasy for us and jacked off on cam for me while his wife masturbated with a big vibrator for us. He made her push that vibe in so deep and hard in our roleplay phone sex fantasy. She can’t get enough of her sex toys and I definitely know the feeling too. I can’t get enough of my sex toys either. teehee

I’m always here for all your kinky role play phone sex fantasies and more. Check out my personal site too at and call and cum with me!

Dylan   1-877-742-8124

Feminization Phone Sex

How do you like your feminization phone sex?  Do you like it when I dress you up and take you out, showing you off to all my friends (guys and girls)?  Or do you prefer to be my own private playmate, being taught how to be a lady in every way imaginable?  Are you into forced feminization phone sex, where you are being feminized against your will?  Now that can get pretty kinky!  Any way you like it, feminization phone sex is hot!

Not all femme boys enjoy cock, but if you are one who does, then I can teach you how to be the best cock sucking slut around.   Do you fantasize about being fucked?  Let’s use some of your sex toys to get your ass stretched out so you can enjoy your first “real cock” anal fucking!  Maybe you can visit a glory hole to get your virgin mouth fucked too!  Oh, the fun we can have is limitless.

Time to get ready panty boy….. go put on your favorite pair and give me a call.  I’ll be waiting.

If I’m on another call, read my blog while you’re waiting for me…. you can find it @  You’ll love it!  Talk to you soon!


Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Forced Feminization Phone Sex

I love forced feminization phone sex calls where i can turn a macho man into a total sissy faggot.  I had a forced feminization phone sex request the other day where the caller wanted me to slip a little something into his drink to make him groggy.  When he came out of his fog, he had a dress that was locked onto him and a pair of high heels that were locked around the ankles.  Being forced to his knees to lick my strap on dildo really turned him on and I could see a bulge forming in his little ruffled panties.  When I bent him over and pulled those frilly panties down his little asshole started twitching in anticipation.  I love using sex toys on my sissy sluts, so I lubed up his hot little hole and although he protested, i could feel him backing up against me, pushing that dildo in deeper and moving his hips until he came so hard.

Forced feminization phone sex isn’t for everybody, but if you need a little nudge to make your feminization or sissification fantasies cum true, then call me.  Feminization is my specialty, forced or not.

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

Mutual masturbation phone sex is so much fun! When “B” called me this morning, I was just getting ready to take a shower, so I was naked and horny as ever. He suggested that I grab my sex toy and he knows that my “rabbit” is my favorite and play with him. Talking to him always gets my pussy wet so I was ready to take that toy deep inside me while he stroked with me. When I felt the vibration of that bunny tickling my g-spot while the tickler on the other side played with my ass, I thought I would go crazy!

“B” always makes me cum so hard and I knew our kinky, erotic phone sex conversation today would be no different. When I felt the build-up of that impending orgasm, and I told him I was going to cum, I could hear him start to stroke faster and when he started to moan, I felt my pussy explode! It quivered and shook around the toy for sooooo long! I loved licking my cum juices off the tip afterward too!

I’m always up for a mutual masturbation phone sex call. The next time you’re horny and want to get off, let’s get off together!!!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631